Unleash your purpose, ignite your passion and activate your power to create and live your heart's desires as a MINDFUL Manifestor.

Are you ready to make this happen?

  • You want to master your mindset with a process to bust through the challenges of manifesting the BIG desires when counter intention is playing a ping pong game in your head of negative self-talk or emotions that sabotage your success.
  • You want to have a harmonious life in all four areas of health, wealth, love and spirituality by giving all areas your full intention that leaves you feeling fulfilled and complete.
  • You want to play bigger and greater in your life by letting go of the deep limitations and emotional triggers that are preventing you from playing full throttle in your life by learning a process that puts you in charge.

Results are telling, in fact it's the only gauge to determine if you are on track. Let's be real and transparent, if you currently don't have the results you want in health, wealth, love or spirituality, something you are doing is not working. To get your desired results you must fix the CAUSE instead of trying to fix the symptom. When you continue to focus on the wrong causation, you become frustrated with the same undesired results over and over again and feel like a failure, ready to give up on your heart's desires.

How do I know this? I've been there, done that, learned what my causes were, used it to remove the causes for myself and now I coach all my clients through it with great success in the Essential Formula for Manifesting Mastery. This program is designed for you to uncover your answers within that will unleash your life purpose, ignite your passion and activate your intuition to create and live your true desires when you follow the formula correctly.

You can have the Formula to Manifesting your important desires by Mastering your it is! 

In The Essential Formula for Manifesting Mastery, you will experience:

  • How to go deep within to uncover your true, heart's desires for's all about what YOU desire.
  • What you can do to ignite your passion to fuel your desires into your life.
  • How to uncover the CAUSE that is preventing you from living your desires right now and use a process to let it go. You may be suprised with what causes it.
  • What tools and techniques you can use to activate your intuition which is your guidance system to your heart's desires.
  • How to be the boss of your negative self-talk, mind chatter and emotional triggers.
  • How to use powerful mind and body tools and techniques most effectively to manifest your desires into reality with greater ease.
  • Deep dive clearing and coaching in 7 LIVE, weekly sessions to peel the onion of layers of false beliefs, patterns and stuck emotions when you participate in the Coach Guided Premium Program.
  • A different outcome in your life that lights you up with joy and fulfillment as you have applied the concepts in an experiential program, held yourself accountable to play full on and changed your reality.

You have desires and dreams that you want to fulfill!

  • You want to be crystal clear on how to use the Law of Attraction, the right way, to manifest your desires into reality, if only you weren't doubtful that you CAN make it happen or that this program will be any different than the rest.
  • You want to make changes in your life, if only you weren't so confused and fearful over what to do, where to begin or if it will even work that you freeze up and don't do anything.
  • You want to feel confident to manifest your desires, if only you could manage your non-stop replay of your negative self talk in your mind that comes in stronger the more you want it.

Your aspirations and desires are important, you can have what you truly want. What if you were given a proven manifestation process that you can follow step by step that helps you get clarity over what you want most in life, how to follow the formula and how to apply the concepts with my help on 7 LIVE coaching webinars? Wouldn't that take away the pressure for you and help you succeed? Consider me as your support, and your lighthouse guiding you to your heart's desires for those results that will make you so happy! I've got your back!...your success matters to me!

What my clients are saying about their RAVE RESULTS!

“I’ve been fortunate enough to have worked with a number of highly acclaimed business and personal coaches, and I can say – without hesitation – that Joann is simply the best of both worlds. If you’re looking to enrich your life and do all you can to live to your full potential, I urge you to contact Joann. Using her own innate gifts and powerful methodology, she was able to help me identify and clear blockages that were holding me back in a number of aspects of my life. She also gave me the tools I need to continue to be my “best self” in my business and personal life. Thank you, Joann, for making such a world of difference in my life.” P Wallace - CEO of a Marketing & Innovation Firm 

Your Essential Formula for Manifestation Master course has been amazing. For me, it clarified specifically what I want and, even better, helped me plan the steps of how to get closer to manifesting what I want. This is an essential step that many other programs have not detailed. Since I did that, I have seen monumental steps bringing me closer to my goals, manifesting some of the things on my dream board, as well as manifesting little things that I didn’t even write down. I highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to accelerate their manifesting abilities. Kim White  

Throughout my sessions with my coach Joann, I have grown so much. All aspects of my life started to unfold as I started manifesting within days. Before starting, I was somewhat shy, after I was more open and was able to express myself without fear. I could feel a shift in my consciousness as she guided me to release the blockages from my subconscious. I have taken many trainings before, but none of them were like what I have experience with Joann. I never thought I could discover so much about myself in this short time by understanding a few key factors and change my life instantly. It's like a light switch. My coach allowed me to experience how much power I have inside me, how to switch it on and let it stay on. I would definitely recommend everyone take the program to release your blockages and manifest what you want. MJ, Chicago  

Here's how The Essential Formula for Manifesting Mastery will work, you will receive:

  • 5 Training Modules (1,297 value) containing 1-3 training videos and audios of 15-30 minutes, all designed to help you learn a deeper understanding and application of the concepts for manifesting mastery. 
  • Module 1: Discover Your True Desires - Get clarity to your heart's desires and what matters most to you in health, wealth, love and spirituality.
  • Module 2: Uncover Your Hidden Blocks - Go deep within to find what is blocking you from having it.
  • Module 3: The Power of Letting Go - Learn powerful techniques to let go of the chains that hold you down and set yourself free.
  • Module 4: Your Toolkit for Manifesting - Have access to a variety of spiritual techniques to activiate your intuition to manifest your desires.
  • Module 5: Your Roadmap to Results - Follow the process correctly with consistency and you can achieve the results you desire.
  • Five weekly Reflection & Action worksheets and hand-outs for your application and awareness to keep you on track.  
  • Access to our private Facebook page for community, support, inspiration and connection to other members and myself.  

BONUSES in the Basic, Self Guided Program valued at $650, that you will receive:

  • Four Guided Visualization Audios. Value - $150
  • Module 6 video and checklist to Put It All Together to create and live your heart's desires. Value - $300
  • One LIVE Group Q & A Webinar. Value - $200

The total value with bonuses is $1,947... that's not what you will pay!

***SPECIAL BONUS, to those registering in the PREMIUM COACH GUIDED PROGRAM and MASTERMIND, you will receive two - 25 minute private 1 on 1 Coaching Sessions with me valued at $600.

  • Four Guided Visualization Audios. Value - $150
  • Module 6 video and checklist to Put it All Together to create and live your heart's desires. Value - $300

The total value with all bonuses in the Premium Coach Guided Program is $2,547.00... that's not what you will pay!

You have 2 Program options - Self Guided, Online Basic Program or Coach Guided, Online Premium Program, the Mastermind.

If you know you will need my help with my formula for manifesting to get the maximum results you desire by releasing your BLOCKS in my LIVE Emotional Clearing/Coaching, then the best choice for you is the Coach Guided, Online Premium Program. In it you have 7 - 60 minute Live group coaching sessions for deep dive clearing, coaching and Q & A to serve your needs. The Self Guided, Online Basic Program is designed for someone who is disciplined to keep themselves on track to follow the steps in the videos and worksheets to complete the course and currenty has an effective method to release their BLOCKS.

Self Guided, Online Basic Program 
The Essential Formula for Manifesting Mastery
5 Training Modules
5 Weekly Reflection & Action Worksheets
Community Facebook Page
All Basic Bonuses that includes
1 Live Q & A Session

Coach Guided, Online Premium Program/Mastermind
The Essential Formula for Manifesting Mastery
5 Training Modules
5 Weekly Reflection & Action Worksheets
Community Facebook Page
7-60 minute group, deep dive Coaching Sessions
All Bonuses that includes
2-25 minute private Coaching Sessions


We begin the Coach Guided Premium Program on Monday, April 16 at 8:00-9:00pm CT and continue through Monday, May 28, 2018. The Self-Guided Premium Program is delivered within 24 hours of registration and sent weekly. Start manifesting with a solid plan of action to drop your old tired patterns, programs and frustrating results for a new empowering perspective, tools and techniques designed to net you desired results living your heart's desires! Program registration for the Coach Guided Program closes at noon on Monday, April 16.  

2 payments of $440 is also available for the Premium Program and 2 payments of $220 is available for the Basic Program, the first payment upon registration and on week 3. Reach out to me with any questions at  

Give yourself the best expression of self-love to Create and Live your heart's desires! It will be an eye-opening and empowering experience for you as you unlock your life purpose, ignite your passion and activate your intuition to manifest your desires! 

Will you join me in The Essential Formula for Manifesting Mastery, where you will learn how to Master your Mindset to Master your Manifesting and live your fullest potential life...your extraordinary life? To join in the Coach Guided, Premium Program and Mastermind, click on the blue button above. Let's start creating!


Joann Lysiak - Mind, Body and Spirit Coach, Founder of Empower Coaching and Creator of the Essential Formula for Manifesting Mastery Level 1 & 2, EMPOWER...Be a Masterful Life Coach and Empowered Life.

Joann is a Master Life Coach, Energy Specialist, Certified Nutritionist, Applied Kinesiologist, Master B.E.S.T. Practitioner and Designer of Jewelry with purpose.  

 I empower visionary leaders to unlock their PURPOSE, ignite their PASSION and activate their DIVINE POWER to create and live their heart's desires for greater happiness and fulfillment.  

My coaching programs are designed for visionary leaders who seek excellence, who have set the bar at extraordinary and are excited to live their highest potential.  

Why live an ordinary life when you can live an extraordinary life!